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AA&A adds ING Life Insurance to its Insurance Product Offerings - July 28, 2011

Effective immediately, Alexander Attorneys & Advisors (AA&A) will offer all ING life insurance products to its clients. Nathan M. Alexander, Managing Member of AA&A, commented on the news:

“It is generally accepted among the most sophisticated members of our society that life insurance is an essential component of many estate plans and a very effective tax-avoidance vehicle, but what many people don’t understand is that it is often the only thing that can help an average family get by when the bread-winner of the family is unexpectedly taken from them… Read More >>

AA&A Negotiates a Multi-Million Dollar Pre-Nuptial Agreement - July 26, 2011

Zhana Dobrova (pseudonym; client declined to be named) was a relatively recent émigré from Russia. When she received a marriage proposal from a wealthy local business man, she was thrilled, until she received a proposed pre-nuptial agreement from his attorney… Read More >>

AA&A Negotiates to Reduce a Speeding Charge in Williston Park to a Minor Parking Violation - June 30, 2011

Mishoir Murdakhayev was an émigré from the former Soviet Union with a limited command of the English language. When he received a speeding ticket while driving through the Village of Williston Park while rushing to work, he saw it as little more than a minor inconvenience, until he received an ominous letter in the mail… Read More >>

AA&A Attends Auction with Client to Bid on Distressed Properties; Secures purchase of a Vacation Condo for $900 - June 22, 2011

A family with a limited budget wanted to purchase a vacation home, but couldn’t afford to spend the kind of money that many were spending. A friend referred them to Alexander Attorneys & Advisors (AA&A) for help… Read More >>

AA&A Adds Oxford Health Plans to its List of Health Insurance Carriers - June 1, 2011

Effective immediately, Alexander Attorneys & Advisors (AA&A) is pleased to offer Oxford health insurance products to its clients. Oxford Health Plans was rated by the National Committee for Quality Assurance… Read More >>

AA&A Helps a Family Business Thrive - April 2, 2011

Top Hat Barber Shop, a small, mid-block family business in Long Beach, New York recently ran into trouble when its store lease was expiring and its landlord wanted to increase its rent to a level which would effectively force the shop to close. In this difficult time for their business, the proprietors of the shop turned to Alexander Attorneys & Advisors (AA&A) for help…. Read More >>

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